How can I view my Account History

Go to your account page. Visit How do I create or access my Dining Advantage® account? for instruction on accessing your account page.
My Wallet displays all the offers you have selected but have not yet used.

My Credits display all the Dining Advantage® gift codes you have registered, with the full original balance displayed on the card graphic, and your remaining balance displayed below the card. Click on the “Arrow” to open if the menu is collapsed.

Click on the gift card for a popup Card History window that displays registration date, expiration date, and offer transaction information including merchant, offer, date of use and estimated savings.

Click on “Complete History” in the Card History window to see savings detail.

Redeemed/Expired Offers display all your selected offers used or that expired before you used them. The date of use or expiration is displayed below the offer. Click on the “Arrow” to open if the menu is collapsed.

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