How do I redeem an offer?

Offers can be used on your phone or by printing a coupon.

DISPLAY: Use this option if you wish to present your phone or tablet to the merchant to receive your discount. Use this option when you are AT the merchant and paying your bill.

PRINT: Use this option if you wish to print your coupon at home, and then take it to the merchant where you will present the printed coupon to receive your discount. Use this option BEFORE you leave home. The print coupon can be used up to 14 days after printing.

A few offers can only be used on the phone or can only be used as a print coupon. You can view this information by selecting the offer to open offer details, and can close the offer and use it when ready by clicking the blue “X” on the top right corner.

To get to your offers, visit your account page. Your selected offers are displayed under My Wallet.

Click on the offer you want to use. Read the offer carefully and be sure you are ready to redeem the offer. Once you select DISPLAY or PRINT the offer will not be available to use again.

Click “Display” on the offer when paying your bill. Show the screen with your offer to the merchant. Once the merchant has taken down the relevant information and has informed you that you will receive the discount, select the “Done” button.

Click “Print” on the offer before going to the merchant. The print coupon will show on your screen. Click the blue “Print” button to print the coupon. Give the print coupon to the merchant when paying your bill.

After redeeming on your phone or with a print coupon, the offer is removed from your Wallet. You can view the offer redemption history by selecting Redeemed/Expired Offers on your account page.

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