Discounts That Were In My Wallet Are Missing. Where Did They Go?

If a merchant is listed with offers in the Dining Advantage website or mobile app, then that indicates that they have an active agreement with Entertainment that allows coupons to be published.

There are circumstances that can invalidate that agreement or the ability to publish a coupon, including but not limited to:

• Business Closes Permanently
• Business is sold
• Agreement expires or is cancelled
• Offer is amended to change value or terms & conditions

When this occurs, we do remove any discounts from the Dining Advantage website and/or app.

In most cases, a credit will appear that identifies "We packaged up some fresh credits for you to enjoy!" This credit provides you replacement value for the offer that you had previously claimed but are now unable to use. It may take 2-3 days from the date that the offers were removed for this to occur.

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