What if there was a problem with redeeming my offer?

There may be times when a redeemed offer requires attention after it has been printed. Conditions can include technical issues with the printer used, circumstances preventing use before the listed expiration date, and merchant representatives unfamiliar with their offer or how to process the discount.

If that should occur, we request you tell us the reason you had an issue, and upon verification, we will credit your account for the estimated savings amount of the offer.

At the footer of the website, click the “Contact Us” link. You will be taken to a page to complete a form and email our customer service team.

Please let us know the name of the merchant with which you had the issue, and the reason you were unable to redeem the offer. Common reasons are:

  • My Offer Did Not Print
  • I Was Not Able To Use The Offer By The Expiration Date
  • The Business Did Not Accept The Offer
  • Other


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