Can I read my books on the Apple iPad or my iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to read our eBooks on your iPad or iPhone.

For unencrypted (non-DRM) ePub files, here are the steps. 

[1] Open iTunes

[2] Go to preferences/general

[3] Click the checkmark next to "Books" so they show up in the library

[4] Drag the ePub into the "Books" section of the library. You should see it import into iTunes.

[5] Sync your iPad. ePub should now be on the iBooks shelf.


For encrypted (DRM) titles, please download the app, BLUEFIRE READER,

BLUEFIRE only renders titles in the ePub and PDF formats.  For Adobe DRM items, you need to authorize Bluefire Reader with the same Adobe ID that you used to authorize your other computer/device.  You should then be able to open and read your books. 

In order to read your eBooks on the iPhone and/or the iPad, please follow these instructions:

1)      Download the BlueFire Reader

2)      Authorize BlueFire by using your Adobe username and password. (If you don’t remember your Adobe username, then open Adobe Digital Editions, go to Library -> Authorize Computer. The popup screen will tell you what username the computer is authorized to.

3)      To transfer encrypted ePubs, open iTunes and click on the App tab.

4)      Highlight the Bluefire Reader App.

5)      Open your “My Documents” folder or for Mac, your “Documents” folder.  There is folder called “Digital Editions”.

6)      Open this folder and then drag the books you want from Digital Editions folder onto the App section.

7)      You can also download the eBook directly from your Bookshelf and simply drag the file from your Download folder to the App Section as well. 

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