What if my card is lost or stolen?

If you have lost your card, and the value still remains on that card, please contact support by clicking "Submit A Ticket" from the navigation above and we will reissue the card.  If the card no longer contains value, and you feel that this was fraudulent in nature, an investigation will be conducted. Resolution may require that the customer sign an affidavit with a notary public relative to the missing product. To begin an investigation into such an issue, please contact support.

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    Donna Boykin

    I recently retired from City of Austin Employees' Retirement System and had received two PrizeLabs gift cards at my work address donna.boykin@coaers.org:
    $75  5542 3780 1880 1948  Security Code:  008827
    $50  5542 3780 1949 9031  Security Code:  503699

    I attempted to use these cards on Amazon orders at 10:30pm this evening and was advised they were not valid.  Called 1-800 number for EML Payments and was told cards were valid and to call Amazon.  Called Amazon who confirmed what I was previously alerted when entering gift cards as payment.  I again called EML and they gave me your email address.  Can you please extend expiration date.  Thank you, Donna

    PS:  I couldn't submit request ticket because I don't have reward code.

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