My download process was interrupted or my download didn’t complete.

If you lost your internet connection during a track or album download or your process has been interrupted for another reason, please do the following:

- Do not try to open and play a partially-downloaded product

- Next, log out of your store account
- Close your browser and any other browser windows that may be open on your computer
- Open a new browser window and surf to our music store again

- Log in and click on My History (or My Downloads) to see a list of all available files; since you did not complete your download, you should find an active link to your files on the History page. You may restart your download from here without being charged or credits being removed.

Please note: The My History section is not available on all stores.

If you do not have a My History section and are unable to try again or if your download does not contain an active link to try again, please feel free to contact us.

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